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Freedom Toaster

The Freedom Toaster allows people to stop by and pickup a linux distribution of their choice at the click of a button!

Absolutely amazing, what will we see next…?

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Easy video playback in Linux

Just sharing a quick thought really. I must admit that I thought it would be a real effort to get AVI files to play in Linux, especially DivX. DVD’s sounded even more unrealistic. To my surprise I discovered two applications that made this job really...

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Fedora Core can’t do anything!?!


I’ve heard so many people complain about Fedora Core not being able to play MP3’s, or show Flash animations, and even JAVA not working correctly. Is it so difficult to just Google for some solutions?

On the topic of MP3’s, Flash, JAVA and...

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Suspicion Breeds Confidence is website providing some interesting tools to help webmasters secure their servers and their websites. Best of all it’s GPL!

Have a look at Nikto. From the website:

Nikto is an Open Source (GPL) web server scanner which performs comprehensive...

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The new internet, GMail & Mailman

This may sound weird, but give it a shot. It’s another example of how open source software can improve your life, indirectly… Let me explain.

What’s GMail?

Visit for more accurate information as things tend to change quite...

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Introduction to Open Sourcery

“OSS; where did it start and where is it going?” This is one of IT’s biggest and longest debates. Corporates fear and love it at the same time, home users don’t know and the majority of it’s users like it because it’s ‘free’.

What is OSS, or Open...