Fedora Core can’t do anything!?!


I’ve heard so many people complain about Fedora Core not being able to play MP3’s, or show Flash animations, and even JAVA not working correctly. Is it so difficult to just Google for some solutions?

On the topic of MP3’s, Flash, JAVA and other missing software, why not visit the The Unofficial Fedora FAQ. The author of this website went to great lengths to help people with the same queries. It’s all unofficial, but it works. It’s helped many FC noobs to get their distro up to speed. And for those still using Core 2 and Core 1, the old FAQ’s are still available on the site, though I doubt their maintained anymore.

If you’re like me and use yum for evey attempt at installing new software, you should most definitely visit Dag Wieers’ website. All the packages you can imagine for Fedora Core and Red Hat Linux. It’s in the true spirit of OSS that Dag releases these packages, asking for attribution and something from his wishlist. This is nothing if you look at the effort going into maintaining the site and over 1400 packages.

Hopefully you now too realise that Fedora Core is as powerfull as any other linux, and has an equal abundance of software available to it’s users as any other linux.

To find out why Red Hat did not put MP3 support in any of the Fedora Core releases, visit mp3licensing.com. It’s all about licensing the software, and they want to keep Fedora Core free. Why do other distros support MP3 playback then? Ask your lawyer.

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