Gentoo rant

I’ve been playing with Gentoo the last couple of days, and what a pleasure it has been! I’ve moved most of my development from PHP to either Python or Ruby (more on that later), in favour of speed and productivity. CentOS was just giving me more troubles than I needed, not because of them but because of RedHat that uses ancient packages in their flagship distribution. I can understand why, but if you need to move with the times, you need an operating system that can respond quickly to your needs.

Try it, you’ll love it….

Posts to come on Xen, Ruby & Ruby on Rails, Python & Django and killing spam…

Welcome to the Open Sourcery Archives. These are my older blog posts, from days gone by. I'm keeping them up as part of the historical record. That, and I'm strangely sentimental about them. Please keep in mind that things most certainly have changed since these articles were written, links to external sites might be broken, and general thinking might have changed.

Regardless of all this, I hope you enjoy your stay!

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