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Latin Shoes, lorem-app

So it’s been pretty quiet around these parts lately, my apologies. But I’ve not been keeping quiet on other fronts, I’ve been busy implementing ruote, by John Mettraux and contributing some patches back to this amazing project. Looking at my github...

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Clear the log files of all your rails projects

I hit a barrier last night where my virtual machine I use for Rails development ran out of space. I quickly checked around and saw my current Rails project had 800MB in log files (thanks autospec).

So I decided to quickly cook up this little bash...

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Some notes on Rake

Murphy Law

I’m busy setting up and extensive suite of Rake tasks to manage the building, configuration, customization and deployment of Gentoo Linux onto USB drives.

We’re busy migrating all our servers (new and current) onto USB for various reasons, which...

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Ruby and Messaging (Part 2) – Giving Rails a Break

NOTE: This post has been in draft for a couple of months now, and might seem a bit dated because of that. I need to complete the series and have decided to publish it for a sense of completeness.

Like all good bloggers out there, it seems plenty...

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Review: Ruby on Rails 2.2 EnvyCast

So it started with a tweet, and ended up here. The first of a two part review of the Ruby on Rails 2.2 EnvyCast. But first some background…


Gregg Pollack and Jason Seifer are the comics of the Ruby and Rails worlds, and I have been a religious...

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Postfix log grep gist

Just a quickie to tell you about my (first) latest gist:

Basically search through the postfix maillog for a pattern, extract the postfix message id from each matched line, and then search through the log file for each...

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Easy Google/Yahoo! Sitemaps with webby

webby, for those who don’t know, is a brilliant little gem by Time Pease for creating and managing static HTML sites with Ruby. Built as extension to Rake, it allows you to manage your content seperately from your layout, and use a host of filters...

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Authentication Tokens, what are they all about?

Yesterday I pushed a slew of changes to the PowerDNS on Rails repo. The sole focus of the work was to extend the authentication system to have temporary authentication tokens. What are authentication tokens? Allow me to explain…

Some background

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Open Source Rails projects, make sure you’re safe…

An impending doom? Possibly. There was a thread on the Rails Core list not too long ago, titled “Cookie session security and open-source“, and they covered what seems to be an obvious security flaw. I distinctly remember following the events as it...

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Using hoptoad in open source project deployments

It came down on me like a ton of bricks when I deployed the audit updates to our production PowerDNS on Rails setup, hoptoad isn’t installed and any errors would just be gone and forgotten.

The solution is pretty simple, if you use git. This quicky...