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GitHub pulls, and Tableless Model improvements

I checked up on ActiveRecord::Tableless and saw a fork that had some promising changes in, so I set out to pull those changes back to my repo. Seemed simple enough, I followed Steven Bristol’s steps and it worked.

The changes made by Peter Wagenet

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Git on Windows, now for Adobe Air

Just picked up this detailed post for using git on Windows, thought I’d share it here too. And just in time as well, I’ve spent a lot of time the last couple of days reading up on Adobe Air and making notes of possible applications I can play with...

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nginx – Reading the fine print

Surely your Rails app flies, no request takes longer than 60 seconds to complete, ever. You’ve proven that Rails can scale and all that jazz. Surely you’ve really spent the time to read the nginx wiki and customize Ezra’s nginx.conf to such a degree...

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Converting a mercurial repo to git

Keeping with the exodus from SVN/Mercurial to git, here is a super quick guide for converting a Mercurial repo to git.

  1. Get the fast-export script via git:

    git clone git://

  2. Make a new (empty) git repo for the project that...

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Cohosting on Rubyforge & GitHub

Thanks to Dr Nic Williams for highlighting this at such an awesome time. I’ve got the source for ActiveRecord::Tableless now on GitHub and RubyForge, thanks to git. So you can grab a copy any time you want and contribute patches 😃

Get the code via...

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ActiveRecord::Tableless 0.1

ActiveRecord::Tableless has just been released to

First made popular on the (now extinct) fourms, the tableless model has been very popular. Why a tableless model? Read on…


ActiveRecord::Tableless allows you...