BIND DLZ on Rails first preview pushed to Github

I’m proud to announce the first push to Github of the BIND DLZ on Rails project. Its still pretty much a work in progress, but this is the first draft and opens the door for feedback by the community before the project has evolved too far.

Highlights so far

For those who are curious, its built using:


This might be a little sketchy, apologies in advance. I’ll work on a proper document as part of the source code.


After installing the prerequisites, you need to create a database for the application to use. By default it expects “bind_dns_development” as the database name, you can however change config/database.yml to point to anywhere.

To get the database structure in place, with some seed data to play with, run these commands

$ rake db:schema:load
$ rake db:seed

The seed data will create a single user called “admin”, with the password “secret”.

To start a server, do this

$ ./script/server

This shows you the interface on port 3000.

Stay tuned

Please watch/fork the repo as appropriate, and file tickets on Lighthouse. As I’m typing this post I realize you much documentation is still lacking for non-Rails developers.


Thanks to ISP in a Box for allowing us to build this project in company time and giving us the required infrastructure, support and human testing during the development, now and in the coming months.

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