Capistrano Presentation @ TUT

Yip, its yet another Capistrano presentation… Grab it here.

I had the fortunate pleasure of guest lecturing at the Tshwane University of Technology a couple of weeks ago on Capistrano. The class was a group of final year students that are just learning Rails. The lecturer had already covered Capistrano with the students to some degree and called me in to get them excited and show them how it works in the wild.

The presentation itself doesn’t really do the session justice, it was driven more by the Q&A session afterwards.

I really enjoyed this session in particular since the students really interacted well with me and came up with some good questions and counter-arguments. I think one of the successes of the lecture was staying as far away from Rails as possible, and just focus on the dynamics of Capistrano and what an awesome tool it really is.

I’d also like to thank Jamis for this awesome tool, and all the members on the Capistrano Google Group who tirelessly help other people out with their deployment woes. Several members of the group also reviewed the presentation before my class, giving valuable feedback that I could convey to the students as well.

Capistrano Presentation @ TUT (20080529)

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