BIND DLZ Update: Nearing in on RC1

UPDATE (Jul 22, 2008): I don’t have connectivity at home at the moment, so I’ll roll our production systems over to BIND (and BIND DLZ on Rails) from PowerDNS and Tupa in the morning. Based on the initial feedback from our support team I’ll either address small bugs we overlooked, or tag RC1, whichever comes first.

Just a quick update, we’re closing the gap rapidly on pushing RC1 to Github. Hopefully that happens by the weekend. We’ll also be rolling it into production use to iron out any last remaining issues that didn’t surface from our lab tests/reviews.

We just have one issue to overcome with will_paginate and our custom scoped finders for Zones, then I’ll push to Github.

In preparation (and celebration) I’ve added the project to Ohloh as well for some added metrics and publicity. See the badge below, and on the updated project page.

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