PowerDNS on Rails, the saga continues

After a misrable production implementation of BIND on a MySQL backend, we were forced to re-evaluate our use of PowerDNS, and what happens to the BIND DLZ on Rails project.

I’m glad to announce that PowerDNS on Rails will be taking over where BIND DLZ on Rails left off.

It’s been a crazy three days of refactoring, but the code is now fully operational and we have our first production implementation (complete with clients using the REST interface). It’s an exciting time for the project, over the next couple of weeks I’ll be ironing out some grey areas of PowerDNS with its users and I’ll be improving the UI significantly (as well as sneaking in new features).

This time I’ll hold back on promises of release candidates, instead I’ll just tag them and announce them afterwards.

I’ll also be posting some interesting Rails tips, especially since I had to bend ActiveRecord in ways I didn’t thought possible to cope with the PowerDNS schema. Thanks to everyone who made RSpec, without it this refactoring job would have been a disaster from the word go.

Here is to the future!

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