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PowerDNS on Rails now sports basic audits

Just as a quick update on the PowerDNS on Rails project, I’ve just pushed several updates to Github that most profoundly includes support for audits. Other smaller changes are also included, including plugin updates (HAML) and upgrading Rails to 2...

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acts_as_audited gains parent record tracking

As part of our current line of improvements on PowerDNS on Rails, we needed to start auditing changes made through the interface to the DNS data. This is a logical step to opening the system up for more API based interaction, and implementing neat...

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MySQL Replication Client with SSL, gotcha

As part of the PowerDNS on Rails project, and improving our own DNS infrastructure, I sat out today to configure 4 new DNS servers around the world. This will move a lot of our DNS traffic out of South Africa, while keeping some servers locally on...

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Continuing the (ruby) olympics

Jeff has a great article on the Ruby Olympics, and I couldn’t help to add my 2c to the discussion, so here goes:

Consume Podcasts

I’m an avid listener of (and got mentioned on) the Rails Envy Podcast. I also follow the Ruby on Rails podcast, the...

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Announcing the postini gem

Shortly after a week of training, and a very successful 6 week implementation of the Postini service, I’m proud to announce the “postini” gem.

Its still very rough around the edges, and probably pre-alpha, although its working nicely in our staging...

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BIND DLZ on Rails RC1 tagged and iced

It is with great excitement, and sadness that I announce the tag of BIND DLZ on Rails RC1.

We were very motivated as a team to get this product, and the accompanying infrastructure in place so would could continue to enhance and expand our DNS infrastructure...

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PowerDNS on Rails, the saga continues

After a misrable production implementation of BIND on a MySQL backend, we were forced to re-evaluate our use of PowerDNS, and what happens to the BIND DLZ on Rails project.

I’m glad to announce that PowerDNS on Rails will be taking over where BIND...

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BIND DLZ Update: Nearing in on RC1

UPDATE (Jul 22, 2008): I don’t have connectivity at home at the moment, so I’ll roll our production systems over to BIND (and BIND DLZ on Rails) from PowerDNS and Tupa in the morning. Based on the initial feedback from our support team I’ll either...

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Google Analytics Plugin for Rails with local cache support

Strangely enough this started as a request from Tyler Bird after reviewing my Capistrano presentation. He was interested in learning how I use Capistrano to update external site dependencies, like a local cached copy of the Google Analytics JavaScript...

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Messaging and Ruby (Part 1) – The Big Picture

Rails doesn’t scale.

Now that I have your attention, lets forget scaling all together and instead start focusing on how you can give Rails a break using messaging or ‘backgrounding’. This is the first in a series of articles where I’m combining my...