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  • 1 min read

Nanite agents now in daemon-kit

My recent love affair with AMQP & nanite has been quite a nice boost to daemon-kit. First it got a neat AMQP consumer generator, and today it got a nanite agent generator with sample actor.

Here is how to get going quickly:

$ sudo gem install kennethkalmer...

  • 2 min read

Easy Ruby cronjobs with daemon-kit

I started conceptualizing and playing with a pet project called daemon-kit earlier this year, with the aim to ultimately be the preferred way of assembling daemon processes written in Ruby.

Today I took the opportunity to add two more generators to...

  • 0 min read

Ruby Enterprise Edition on Gentoo with newer OpenSSL (>0.9.8i)

*UPDATE 2009-04022: *Ruby Enterprise Edition 20090421 released a couple of hours after the original post. Now includes the OpenSSL patch from Gentoo’s Portage.

*UPDATE: *The upcoming release of Ruby Enterprise Edition might include the suggested patch...

  • 6 min read

To AMQP or to XMPP, that is the question

Some time ago I started a series of blog posts [1,2] on Ruby and messaging. Most of the series is still in draft format and has to be completed. It’s a topic I’ve been very interested for some time, and have monitored the space quite closely looking...