daemon-kit Progress Report

Since I last announced Capistrano support for daemon-kit, a few other things have happened that is steadily moving the project forward. Here is a synopsis of them all:

No more daemons

Sounds contradictory, but I’ve stripped out the daemons gem as a depedency. Everything the daemons gem offered is now handled inhouse, and works much better. For more information please read the release announcement.

Better command line argument handling

A lot has been done to smooth out command line argument handling, and daemons can now tap into the command line processing very easily. Details in the release announcement and the RDoc.

Error mails now handled by TMail

Makes them look better and be better formed, the initial code didn’t really produce meaningful mails. A lot of work still needs to be done in this arena.

Log with vigor!

Logging got a lot of attention with the new AbstractLogger interface. Log rotation is now dead simple and logging to Syslog is possible thanks to the SysLogLogger gem. See the RDoc for more information on logging.


Still a lot needs to be done to simplify testing daemon processes, but the inclusion of preliminary cucumber support is one step in the right direction. I’m hoping cucumber will be a great fit for daemon-kit, and help us as daemon developers define the difficult contexts in which our code runs.

Looking forward

Plenty still needs to be done, the TODO file in the repo is some insight into what the future holds. Mostly daemon-kit evolves as I need it to for my production environments. On Github we’re close to 200 watchers, and the Google Group does have a little activity.

As time goes on I’m hoping more people get involved and bring suggestions to the table for the framework. So please, do tell me how daemon-kit can make your life simpler for your, and your daemons.

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