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DaemonKit Lightning Talk RubyKaigi 2009

Undoubtedly my worst time on stage ever! Ubuntu gave me issues with the projector, so I actually had to leave the stage to go to another conference hall to get the setup working again and run back up to the main hall… Once there, I was a mumbling...

  • 3 min read

Getting “copy friendly” with jQuery

When I’m not busy writing backends for large service provisioning platforms, I get to spend some time in the user-facing interfaces of these platforms. We’ve prided ourselves so far on maintaining cross browser compatibility (excluding IE6), and to...

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Driving Business Processes in Ruby

Decisions decisions, as Ruby developers we face them every day. Some are easier to make than others, they have the ability to shape or break a project (even a business). We’ve faced the decisions of ActiveRecord or DataMapper, jQuery or Prototype,...