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Ruote in 20 minutes video

Kudos to my brother and the rest of the guys at Monopost for cleaning up the bad audio as best they can.

Ruote in 20 minutes from Kenneth Kalmer on Vimeo.

The original post of the presentation is over here.

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Getting the Ruby 1.9 ball rolling

After I read this post on Labnotes I decided to “take the plunge” into the world of Ruby 1.9 properly. I mean, I was at RubyKaigi...

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Looking beyond daemon-kit 0.2

Works Ahead - Singapore Department of Transport

I wrote daemon-kit to solve two big issues with writing daemon processes in Ruby:

  1. Everyone is re-inventing the daemons gem
  2. Individual daemons share a lot common code, apart from the daemonizing bits

As for #1, daemon-kit at first wrapped the...