Getting the Ruby 1.9 ball rolling

After I read this post on Labnotes I decided to “take the plunge” into the world of Ruby 1.9 properly. I mean, I was at RubyKaigi where the biggest lesson of all was “Change!” (and changing to 1.9). Ruby 1.9.1 has been stable for quite some time now, and 1.9.2 is due out on Christmas. And we’re still stuck on 1.8.6 ? WTF

Getting started with Ruby 1.9 is easy (only time will tell how much pain is caused). I have to admit I’m not as brave to wipe my rubygems installation, I might still need 1.8.6 (and I seriously hope I don’t).

So Relevance made this awesome bash script called that you absolutely have to try. Once you have it installed and working as per their instructions you need to make one small change to the very last line of That change looks like this:


Simple and I can easily toggle 1.8.6 mode if needed.

Yes, I did.

So over the coming days I’ll be working through all 28 of my github repos and making sure they run on 1.9. This is no small task, but I’m looking forward to getting my “house” in order.

At this stage I know acts_as_audited is 1.9 compatible, I fixed it earlier the week while testing ruby_switcher. I had a look at ActiveRecord::Tableless and decided to pull the plug on the project completely (see here).

I’m really looking forward to this adventure and sharing the ups and downs of the road with everyone. Ultimately I would love it if we can get the South Africa Ruby ecosystem on 1.9.X ASAP.

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Regardless of all this, I hope you enjoy your stay!

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