Practicing safe Ruby, with safely

UPDATE: Hoptoad was re-branded to Airbrake Bug Tracker since this post was originally written.

One of the things that makes daemon-kit such a great project (at least to me), is the built-in “safely” method wraps your code in a loving embrace of error reporting comfort. You could at any point do this:

safely do

and your daemon would not die if something blew up. Instead the daemon would happily log the error to file (and possibly Hoptoad) and carry on working.

As part of resurrecting daemon-kit, I’ve extracted this functionality into a new gem called “safely“, available now on Github and Rubygems. At the moment it just supports Hoptoad via the Toadhopper gem, but soon will offer more!

I’ll expand on it in the coming days, and then tend to the daemon-kit fork queue while replacing the daemon-kit version with safely.

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