daemon-kit 0.3.0.rc2 is ready

The second 0.3.0 release candidate has been pushed to Rubygems. Please read the 0.3.0.rc1 announcement for the changes between 0.2.x and that version.

What changed since 0.3.0.rc1?

Safely usage is now optional, see #73 for the details. Safely is still included by default in the generated Gemfile, but to remove it you simply remove that one line. This was heavily inspired by Rails’ default SASS behaviour.

The XMPP abstraction has also been fixed for blather versions ~> 0.8.0, so be sure to update the version by running bundle update blather and locking the version with “~> 0.8.7″.

Support for “freezing daemon-kit into vendor/daemon-kit” has been removed. In this age of bundler awesomeness, that functionality is quite useless. To use the edge version of daemon-kit simply update your Gemfile with the following:

gem 'daemon-kit', github: 'kennethkalmer/daemon-kit'

Then run bundle and you’re all set. Oh, delete anything in vendor/daemon-kit too.

When generating a new daemon you can simply pass the “–edge” parameter to get a Gemfile that tracks Github instead of Rubygems:

$ daemon-kit vuvuzela --edge

Tracking edge is probably the best choice up until 0.3.0 final is released.

Please give 0.3 a test drive

Get going with:

$ gem install daemon-kit --pre

or update your Gemfile:

gem 'daemon-kit', '~> 0.3.0.rc2'

Afterwards run the following to get your local daemon updated:

$ rake daemon_kit:upgrade

Blocker for a 0.3 final

There is only one blocker preventing a 0.3.0 final release. It is obscurely hidden in #72, and affects daemons running on Ruby 2.0 and later. Mark Perham has already resolved the issue in Sidekiq, so I have some inspiration to work from.

After that I’ll very quickly increment the minor & patch versions with improvements and start deprecating features. The project has come a long way, and some baggage needs to be cleared out to ensure a bright future for the project.

Thanks for facing your daemons!

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