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  • 15 min read

Error reporting, and building hoverboards

October 21st came and went. We still don’t have hoverboards. But all is not lost! We can still embrace hoverboards, at least as a metaphor for having a frictionless software development lifecycle.

The hoverboard metaphor came to be as I presented...

  • 6 min read

Creating an ember-cli addon

I've been using Ember.js for about 15 months at this stage, and I've absolutely loved it. My first Ember project started before ember-cli existed, my second one I built on ember-cli 0.0.17 and up, sometimes spending more time upgrading ember-cli than...

  • 10 min read

Reflecting on Rubyfuza 2015

Rubyfuza 2015 was amazing. Just like all the other years, this one stood out on all levels. I love referring to Rubyfuza as a massive family reunion, except that everyone is excited to see each other. I have a lot of Ruby friends, that I only get to...

  • 5 min read

Heroku Cookbook by Mike Coutermarsh

tl;dr - Get a copy of the excellent Heroku Cookbook by Mike Coutermarsh and learn a few tricks about getting the most from your Rails/Rack applications on Heroku

I've been a closet fan of Heroku for years now, always being envious of developers...