• 1 min read

Quick *nix shadow passwords with Ruby

Just thought I’d share this one to boost the available online information. Using String#crypt and man crypt you’ll come up with something similar to the gist below (extract from a project I’m busy working on).

module Linux
  class User
    class <...

  • 1 min read

Nanite agents now in daemon-kit

My recent love affair with AMQP & nanite has been quite a nice boost to daemon-kit. First it got a neat AMQP consumer generator, and today it got a nanite agent generator with sample actor.

Here is how to get going quickly:

$ sudo gem install kennethkalmer...

  • 2 min read

Easy Ruby cronjobs with daemon-kit

I started conceptualizing and playing with a pet project called daemon-kit earlier this year, with the aim to ultimately be the preferred way of assembling daemon processes written in Ruby.

Today I took the opportunity to add two more generators to...

  • 0 min read

Ruby Enterprise Edition on Gentoo with newer OpenSSL (>0.9.8i)

*UPDATE 2009-04022: *Ruby Enterprise Edition 20090421 released a couple of hours after the original post. Now includes the OpenSSL patch from Gentoo’s Portage.

*UPDATE: *The upcoming release of Ruby Enterprise Edition might include the suggested patch...

  • 6 min read

To AMQP or to XMPP, that is the question

Some time ago I started a series of blog posts [1,2] on Ruby and messaging. Most of the series is still in draft format and has to be completed. It’s a topic I’ve been very interested for some time, and have monitored the space quite closely looking...

  • 0 min read

Pluck out an old revision of a file with git show

I was busy merging work back and forth between topic branches today and by accident miss-merged a 700-line spec. Everything else was fine (or so I hope) except this one file. I couldn’t use git revert, since that would mean I’ll have to redo all the...

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ruote 0.9.20 released, and the road the ruote-kit

Congratulations to John Mettraux for just pushing ruote 0.9.20 out the door. I’ve had the great privilege of working with John on an almost weekly basis, learning about ruote and discussing our complicated service provisioning processes with him. Recently...

  • 1 min read

Ruote in 20 minutes

I had the great privilege last night to do a presentation on Ruote at the third monthly Ruby on Beer meetup here in Gauteng. It ended up taking 35 minutes, not 20 as intended, but I think I got something across to the guys.

Ruote (and BPM in general...

  • 1 min read

Macro support for PowerDNS on Rails

PowerDNS, and PowerDNS on Rails forms a critical part of our infrastructure here at inX, and over the holidays I’ve been busy adding support for macros to PowerDNS on Rails.

Macros allow a DNS administrator to setup a predefined sequence of steps...

  • 1 min read

Latin Shoes, lorem-app

So it’s been pretty quiet around these parts lately, my apologies. But I’ve not been keeping quiet on other fronts, I’ve been busy implementing ruote, by John Mettraux and contributing some patches back to this amazing project. Looking at my github...